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Coffee and book for today...
read more 29 Jul 2019
πŸ“” + β˜•οΈ + 🍞
βœ“ a book to read
βœ“ a cup of piccolo
βœ“ a toast bread with cream cheese
Praise GOD...
Our weakness in GOD’s hand has the potential to becoma a great strength
read more 14 Jul 2019
Daripada pusing...yuks baca ini aja deh..
read more 21 May 2019
β˜•οΈ Drink coffee
πŸ“˜ Read a book
..and.. Be Happy
read more 01 Jul 2018
Start with coffee and continue reading the book
read more 21 Jun 2018
Baca beginian, sapa tau gua jadi tambah pinter....
Plus kopi biar cepet nyambung ama otak...
read more 31 May 2018
It’s not only about winning the game
It’s how you win the game...
read more 22 May 2018
β˜•οΈ + πŸ“š
Coffee βœ“
eBook βœ“
Disaat mereka uda salaman, gua baru mau kelar baca.... kayaknya uda basi kalii...
read more 16 May 2018



Segalanya DIA cukupkan...

"Allahku akan memenuhi segala keperluanmu menurut kekayaan dan kemuliaan-Nya dalam Kristus Yesus." - Filipi 4:19 - Sampai saya tulisan kesaksian ini, satu ayat ini sudah Tuhan buktikan tiga kali dalam kehidupan saya... Nilai ujian pada saat kuliah Saya sedang belajar untuk ujian praktikum pada saat kuliah, dan merasa bahwa... gua ga bisa neh, ga ngerti, dan ga tau ku
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