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Yarra River, Melbourne
Cafe Strudel Melbourne

Hi. I was given your contact to do web page design. My name is Eu****.
I only want simple web pages.

Hi .... How can I help you ?

Here are some websites that i think it's good for us (in priority in preference):
https://www. ... .com.au
https://www. ... .com

We will have an online store but it is connected to a company which does our Point Of Sale system. You can see how this works if you click on online ordering for.
Pls quote me asap. Want to start work soon. Thanks.

And how about for the contact section... you just need a form for user send an email to you?? Or just a map for the location?

Can it be both?

Should be no problem...

Can I have the username and password for your hosting? So I can upload your web... Thank you..


Thank you...


mau kulineran medan, semuanya ngumpul disini
Kulineran medan mah ga usah jauh-jauh, langsung aja ke muara karang ... enak semuah..

It's Me

Hi there,
My name is Wenny, was born in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 1979 and lives in my hometown until now..
If you want to know more about me, maybe you can find me in facebook, follow me on twitter or instagram... even better just send me an email at its_me@wennyg.com
thanks to facebook for the avatars, make me look good




Segalanya DIA cukupkan...

"Allahku akan memenuhi segala keperluanmu menurut kekayaan dan kemuliaan-Nya dalam Kristus Yesus." - Filipi 4:19 - Sampai saya tulisan kesaksian ini, satu ayat ini sudah Tuhan buktikan tiga kali dalam kehidupan saya... Nilai ujian pada saat kuliah Saya sedang belajar untuk ujian praktikum pada saat kuliah, dan merasa bahwa... gua ga bisa neh, ga ngerti, dan ga tau ku
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